Cat Food EP (mm-001)

Cat Food EP Artwork bigger

Released 07 February 2019

a compilation EP of songs from previous releases and a couple of new songs.

Some parts in this EP were re-recorded and all the songs were remixed and mastered by Jeffro Lacksheide, check him out here.

Composed, Performed and Produced by Joseph Bagwell with

James Bracey – Drums

Charlie Moss – Bass Guitar (1,6)

Lucy Priddle – Second Guitar (6)

Callum Connah – Hand Claps (4), Additional Percussion (4), “Arriba” (4)

Gus Best – Hand Claps (4)
“Feedback and Response” originally recorded live at Bar 42 by Mike Baker
Artwork produced by Callum Connah and Joseph Bagwell
Mixed and Mastered by Jeffro Lacksheide

With Thanks To James Bracey, Grant Laurenson and Lubi Blacksmith

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