Nebulae Music Volume III (hamg-006)


Joseph Bagwell · Nebulae Music Volume III (2017)- Full Album (FREE DOWNLOAD) HAMG-006

The third main installment in the Nebulae Music series. Originally this was to be the last album as i intended to retire the psuedonym. The name was revived for Nebulae Music Vol. IV: What We See in 2019

  1. The Sequence
  2. Dronescape #3
  3. A Day on Titan
  4. April Snow
  5. The Final Sequence

released March 20, 2017

Music Composed, Performed and Produced by Joseph Bagwell (Nebulae Music) playing; Tanglewood TSB-58, Kawai x 30 and Software Instruments.

Artwork by Leanne Cushnie Photography



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