About the Manifesto

Marionette’s Manifesto is a “pseudo label” of sorts. I only release music from projects i am a part of or my solo work. The music i release ranges from soft folk compositions, to heavy prog rock and experimental electronica. You can check out all the releases here or visit the bandcamp store.

logo designed by my friend Gus Best



Originally “Hot Air Music (group)”, the website was set up around 2015/16 as to act as a portfolio for all my work, the actual website itself was a task as part of one of our first lectures for the Music Business course which i studied for 1 year.

logo distort

Around late 2018/2019 i began to re brand. This was partly due to personal taste but also due to the discovery of a long running american music festival with a similar name. So as to avoid any possible future confusion/copyright issues i decided to change to the current title of Marionette’s Manifesto (hopefully it’ll stick, so far i am yet to find any other Marionette’s Manifesto).




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