About the “Manifesto”

Marionette’s Manifesto is an independent online record label through which i release solo work and works from bands which i play in. I also plan to co release recordings by other artists who i have helped produce. I say “co release” as i do not plan to personally release another artists material via my store or aggregate but to help produce them and also host an artist page and links to their social media.



I was inspired to return to my net label idea with tweaks after listening to a lot of King Crimson and reading about how Robert Fripp runs his independent label Discipline Global Media , Long story short, their artists keep their royalties. I suggest giving their about section a read as it is quite interesting the way they have set up and run the label. I aim to have a similar yet simpler label again mainly releasing my own and my band’s material but help promote material i work on as a producer and “release” it somewhat whilst the artist gets all the money as they will be uploading the music to their own stores (bandamp, spotify etc…) using their own aggregate.

This was i do not need to worry about finance so much with sorting out what they earn from the recordings (obviously i have to monitor and divvy up money earned from selling my bands stuff but that’s not too hard).

I will be looking to begin working with some artists soon to produce their music once i have finished purchasing the necessary gear needed for field and location recording.



Originally “Hot Air Music (group)”,  The website has had some re branding recently and identity changes . I am returning it to being a net label like i originally wanted to do with the website but currently all artists on the label are either myself, bands that i am in or projects i have helped produced.

logo distort





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