a brief introduction

I initially created this word press for college so i could host all my work in one place (all of which you can find still if you wish to take a gander). The site and “Hot air Music” was planned to be a label which i was hoping to develop but after a few months of this i decided a label would be too much work.241018_01

About the site

Marionette’s Manifesto is the new name for Hot Air Music. I am in the process of re branding the blog, i am sorry for any confusion and thank you for your patience! 




I originally created this website around 2015 when i was in my third year of college. It originated as just Joseph Bagwell Music with a free “.wordpress.com” extension. I initially posted coursework to the website, some of which you can view here if you are interested.

Up until recently the website had been named Hot Air Music after a song of mine “Hot Air Balloon”. I used this name a lot and also release my music under the label of the same name, a sort of self release label i guess.

logo distort

I decided to change the name a few months ago and have began the process of re branding the website. The old website link “hotairmusicgroup.com” will still be linked to this website for a year while a new link replaces it.




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