In the mood to meditate?

The debut album from OPERATION42, Mood 1: Music For Yoga and Meditation, is out now and available through bandcamp and all your favorite streaming services.

All the tracks on Mood 1 follow a theme of being very ambient and chill and would all be quite good for yoga, meditation or deep thought. The tracks are all mostly improvised and were recorded back in June this year (with the exception of movement 6, recorded on 28th October).

OPERATION42 will be working on putting together a second Mood album from other semi-improvised works and hopes to put that out next year sometime.

On a side note there is now a Marionette’s Manifesto Instagram setup that can be visited here.

“Well Then…” by Joseph Bagwell is now HERE!!!

Well Then…, the newest album by Joseph Bagwell is out now.

Limited edition cassette, available at

You can get the album through our bandcamp as digital download or on limited edition cassette. Purchase of the cassette includes stickers, 2 free CDs – Cat Food EP [MM001] and Volume III by Nebulae Music [HAMG006], an automatic digital copy of the album through bandcamp and We are also throwing in a download code for a second digital copy of the album (this one you can give to a friend).

Free CDs, included with the purchase of “Well Then…” on Cassette.

The album is also available to stream for free from the Marionette’s Manifesto YouTube channel.

Get your orders in now before it sells out!

Artist’s Socials:

2nd February 2021: “Carbon”, New Cover Song.

New release from Nebulae Music

Joseph Bagwell has re-released an old “lost” album from 2014 titled “Carbon”. The album sees it’s re-release through the Nebulae Music catalog. It was recorded between April and June 2014 and released circa July 2014, later on in the year Joseph had felt he disliked the work and removed it from stores. After a recent re listen he realized he had been too harsh on the work and felt it was a decent set of music, hence the re-release. You can purchase “Carbon” by Nebulae Music (cat. MM008) from bandcamp here.

New cover by Joseph Bagwell – “Nutshell” by Alice In Chains

Joseph Bagwell has also released a new solo acoustic cover on YouTube, as seen below.

You can also download the mixed audio as WAV or MP3 from the Free Downloads page.

That is all from us for now, make sure to stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page for upcoming news!

12/20 Update

Had a few releases over the past few months, here they be…

First is some remixes of music from Among Us, ARK: Survival Evolved and “Something Stellar” by Robbie Dozier from Doctor Who Series 11: Redux, that last one being on Spotify!

Uploaded a few remixes past few months, one of which is now on Spotify!

Also put together this ominous ambient composition which is free to download.

Photo by NASA

Also been working on a new album…

The new upcoming album is a my first Nebulae Music concept album. Set in the “future” on a manned mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan. Below is some possible artwork for the album (original photographs by NASA) which i am hoping to release early next year.

And finally, i got me acting chops on:

In November’s episode of #new13 i landed a cast role as Ted after the original actor mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth after looking up at the ceiling. Check out “The Women Under The Roof” below:

Aight, that is all…

Doppelgangers, Free Music and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff… 20th July 2020

Greetings all,

First of all i am happy to announce my new double single “Doppelganger” and “Quarter Life Crisis“. These two great songs are available to purchase from the bandcamp store now and will be released across other digital platforms in the coming months.

Doppelganger ~ QLC Artwork (STREAMING)
Soundcloud art

Both pieces are from my upcoming album, currently titled “Sod’s Law” and i am very proud of how they turned out. Available for free through soundcloud is the b-side composition “Dr. What?”, definitely not a cover of the theme tune from a popular British Sci-Fi show (rip doctor who, you were doing so well).

You can pre-save the double single on spotify here, that way when it is released it will automatically be added to your library for your listening pleasure.


I would next like to announce to release of the compilation album “富士山: Dust from the Archive“. The album is based of a compilation i recorded to cassette back in 2014 and features all kinds of rare and unreleased electronic compositions. You can support me by purchasing the album from the bandcamp store or download all tracks for free from soundcloud.

Mt Fuji (三霊山) - Archive Comp Art

Finally, and in relation to the new compilation album, i’d like to notify you all that a good bulk of the Joseph Bagwell and Nebulae Music catalog is now available through soundcloud for free, and all of it is creative commons for your own use (please see the specific attributions for more details).

I will also be releasing all Nebulae Music releases through my main soundcloud page as appose to having separate accounts for the two projects. The Nebulae Music Facebook page will still remain in use to promote the upcoming releases, as for the Nebulae Music soundcloud i am unsure as to what i wish to do with the account for the time being.


There is still the option to support me through my bandcamp store (wink, wink), especially as the back catalog is available for such low prices starting at only £1. So sit back and enjoy.

With hope and perseverance there will be more releases coming out this year so stay tuned!


Kind Regards,





New Release: Nebulae Music Vol. IV: What We See


The Fourth major release in my nebulae music series is here. The 8 tracks on Nebulae Music Vol. IV: What We See explore the more rhythmic elements of electronic music.

Visit Nebulae Music Radio to hear the new album and the back catalogue, all in one place!

I had a lot of fun returning to my original electronic style i began with, and adding a new twist to it. Digging up some of the older tracks to work on was a trip down memory lane.

You can either stream the album through all your favorite streaming services like spotify and… well spotify. Others are available i guess, or you can buy the album from the store which includes a bonus track.



Time for some Black Coffee and Space Travel!


Yes, Nebulae Music is returning by no demand! A new volume in the series is set for a release at the end of August, with a promotional EP releasing mid august. The EP will blend the previous very ambient style with new rhythmic electronica.

NM Profile pic

Visit the new Facebook page and website for more, including “Nebulae Music Radio“, a playlist containing all Nebulae Music releases.


The preceding single for my upcoming album “Erika” is now available on bandcamp. The two songs “Black Coffee” and “Hollow Words” are both songs from the album, which is set for a release on 14th August.

Black Coffee ART

Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page or to the website for more news and upcoming music – Joe


Broadcasting Ourselves: Updates on the Label, Upcoming Releases and Store!

Hello all, this is just a quick update post.

Reminder that now we are officially “Marionette’s Manifesto” and independent record label/net label. There will be some new releases coming out in the next few months including my next solo release “Erika” which is very stripped down, singer-songwriter type stuff. “Leaden” will be hitting the studios soon to begin recording their debut album and a phantom from the past may be getting resurrected…

There has been updated to the youtube channel and all current releases (albums/EPs) from the label will be available to listen to in full on the channel (see playlist above). If you haven’t already seen it i released a small live video (below) of me recording some of my upcoming album “Erika”.

I have been working on a new album in my downtime and this one is a lot simpler than my other works. “Erika”, named after my first guitar, will be a singer-songwriter acoustic folk project where the songs will be just my guitar and voice (though some songs i have done some overdubs on) the most simplest and stripped down being the songs recorded in conjunction with “Live From His Bedroom” (see above video). I will also be including 4 bonus tracks which are demos of pieces from an EP i scrapped a couple of years back.

The Store itself has had an upgrade now with everything on one page in order of newest to oldest release, newest being the debut single “Pushing Up Daisies” from “Leaden“.


Thanks for all the support so far, stay tuned!

Joe    🙂

Cat Food EP now Live!

As the day begins my latest EP is now live across all digital stores and streaming platforms. Cat Food EP is a compilation of songs, some new and some old, which i have put together and revamped a bit with some new recording and a complete remix/master from Jeffro Lachsheide, who’s website you can visit here.

Cat Food EP Artwork bigger

The album is available from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music and many more stores and services online, links can be found here.

I am also playing a gig at The REC Rooms in Horsham where i will be selling CD copies of the EP along with CD’s of my album “Nebulae Music Volume III“. This is also the first time in a while that i will be performing with a backing band, this time round it’s drummer James Bracey, guitarist vocalist Lubi Blacksmith (both the latter are from the awesome band Parallax ) and bassist Grant Laurenson.

banner 2019 feb

We have a great set of songs including a couple featured on the EP and a load of new material. Hope to see anyone reading this down there tonight if you can make it 😉

Below is a video reel from a practice session last week and there maybe some recordings as well coming soon!


Kitty Kibble: New EP Release Date, New Cover, Website Changes.

First of all Merry Christmas!

Changes are happening to the website in full. I have updated the domain to “” to coincide with the name change. I have changed to the name as there is a music festival in america called Hot Air Music, so it avoids copyright issues. The original domain of “” will remain active as a sub domain until November/December 2019.

Marionette’s Manifesto logo – designed by Gus Best

I will also be updating and social media under this name in the coming months, so don’t get confused!


My new release “Cat Food EP” is coming! The EP is a compilation of songs which have been re visited, a couple of new songs are included as well. The songs have been mixed and mastered by Jeffro Lacksheide of They sound awesome and i am really happy to have worked with him on this project, i insist you check him out if you want some really high quality mix/masters.

Cat Food EP Artwork bigger
Cat Food EP front cover artwork

The EP will be released through streaming and digital music services on 7th February, a CD copy will also be available to those he see me play live. Speaking of live music, on the 7th i will also be playing with my backing band at The REC Rooms in Horsham. I am really excited about this as i have not played live with a backing band in a while so come on down if you can, tickets are available here. You can also respond to the event on Facebook!

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Finally i have uploaded a new cover to youtube. This time it’s “Something in the Way” by Nirvana. I cheated a little with this one as i wanted to upload solo acoustic covers, however i decided to add a cheeky guitar solo at the end to spice it up a lil! You can check out the video on youtube and also download the MP3 from soundcloud.

Thanks for all the support so far, stay tuned for more awesomeness – Joe