Kitty Kibble: New EP Release Date, New Cover, Website Changes.

First of all Merry Christmas!

Changes are happening to the website in full. I have updated the domain to “” to coincide with the name change. I have changed to the name as there is a music festival in america called Hot Air Music, so it avoids copyright issues. The original domain of “” will remain active as a sub domain until November/December 2019.

Marionette’s Manifesto logo – designed by Gus Best

I will also be updating and social media under this name in the coming months, so don’t get confused!


My new release “Cat Food EP” is coming! The EP is a compilation of songs which have been re visited, a couple of new songs are included as well. The songs have been mixed and mastered by Jeffro Lacksheide of They sound awesome and i am really happy to have worked with him on this project, i insist you check him out if you want some really high quality mix/masters.

Cat Food EP Artwork bigger
Cat Food EP front cover artwork

The EP will be released through streaming and digital music services on 7th February, a CD copy will also be available to those he see me play live. Speaking of live music, on the 7th i will also be playing with my backing band at The REC Rooms in Horsham. I am really excited about this as i have not played live with a backing band in a while so come on down if you can, tickets are available here. You can also respond to the event on Facebook!

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Finally i have uploaded a new cover to youtube. This time it’s “Something in the Way” by Nirvana. I cheated a little with this one as i wanted to upload solo acoustic covers, however i decided to add a cheeky guitar solo at the end to spice it up a lil! You can check out the video on youtube and also download the MP3 from soundcloud.

Thanks for all the support so far, stay tuned for more awesomeness – Joe


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