12/20 Update

Had a few releases over the past few months, here they be…

First is some remixes of music from Among Us, ARK: Survival Evolved and “Something Stellar” by Robbie Dozier from Doctor Who Series 11: Redux, that last one being on Spotify!

Uploaded a few remixes past few months, one of which is now on Spotify!

Also put together this ominous ambient composition which is free to download.

Photo by NASA

Also been working on a new album…

The new upcoming album is a my first Nebulae Music concept album. Set in the “future” on a manned mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan. Below is some possible artwork for the album (original photographs by NASA) which i am hoping to release early next year.

And finally, i got me acting chops on:

In November’s episode of #new13 i landed a cast role as Ted after the original actor mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth after looking up at the ceiling. Check out “The Women Under The Roof” below:

Aight, that is all…

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English Singer-Songwriter and Producer.

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