FMP – Prelude Part 1

  Prelude Part 1   Progress made this week Signed my first artist, Luke Amor, on 16th Setup Bandcamp and WordPress for Luke Amor Setup a Facebook page for Hot Air Music Group and started inviting and sharing to friends Created an expenses spreadsheet detailing all expenses spent on Funkzilla within the Artist Management project CreatedContinue reading “FMP – Prelude Part 1”

Another one in the Bag!

  I am proud to announce the signing of a new artist!!! Red Shores are a two piece metal band from Lancing. Check them out here. The Band and i hope to be releasing some material soon so stay tuned!!!  

Drifting towards the Red Shores!!!

  I encountered an interesting band the other day, one which blasted the audience with a wall of distortion. The band in question is Red Shores, a two piece from Brighton consisting of guitarist Harrison Mortley and on drums/vocals Caleb Morganfield. The band’s music is a mix of Noise, Heavy Metal and Progressive rock andContinue reading “Drifting towards the Red Shores!!!”

Management Team Proposal and Band Interview (College 2016)

Managing an Artist As the new year dawns upon us, we prepare for not only 2016 but to manage an artist. The band my group will be managing is Funkzilla, a worthing based rock band with a funky edge. Management Team Joseph Bagwell – Music Business and Management Jordan Meher – Live Sound Ryan HeaneyContinue reading “Management Team Proposal and Band Interview (College 2016)”

Composing Contrasting Material (College 2013 – 2015)

During the second half of our first year of technology we had a composing module. Towards the end of this module we had to put together a small portfolio of contrasting compositions including one created in the composing lessons. Here is that Portfolio: 1. Twelve Bar Blues This first peice was the one i composedContinue reading “Composing Contrasting Material (College 2013 – 2015)”

Developing a Music Product (College 2013 – 2015)

During our first term of music technology we had to create an EP of music. Around the time i was getting into both Dubstep and Ambient music. Please keep in mind that i know these peices sound like bollocks but it was early days, i only wanted to share some banter…   1. Jukai DescribeContinue reading “Developing a Music Product (College 2013 – 2015)”

An Analysis of “Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene Live in your Living Room” (College 2013 – 2015)

Watch the full performance here.     What Equipment do they use? As Jean Michel Jarre started off in the late 60’s and early 70’s he uses primarily analogue synthesizers of various types including modular, polyphonic and monophonic. Using analog in place of the modern digital synthesizers keeps to the original sound and tone ofContinue reading “An Analysis of “Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene Live in your Living Room” (College 2013 – 2015)”

Review of a Sound System – Green Door Store (College)

How it Works Front of House The Microphone signal is sent through the desk and into the digital main EQ. This is used to clean up the initial signal by either brightening the audio, taking out low muddy frequencies etc. The signal coming out of the desk is sent into a crossover box that actsContinue reading “Review of a Sound System – Green Door Store (College)”