Composing Contrasting Material (College 2013 – 2015)

During the second half of our first year of technology we had a composing module. Towards the end of this module we had to put together a small portfolio of contrasting compositions including one created in the composing lessons. Here is that Portfolio:

1. Twelve Bar Blues

This first peice was the one i composed for the composition module it self. The song as suggested by its title is just a simple twelve bar blues including electric rhythm and bass guitars and a lead slide guitar performed on an acoustic steel string. I got the idea from Pink Floyd’s ‘Seamus’ from their album Meddle. The song also is just a short twelve bar but their song has lyrics to it where as mine is purely instrumental. Actually thinking about it i think i basically copied their song’s chord structure and lead melody almost completley…

2. Elevator Music

This peice was created as a final project for our Sound, Creation and Manipulation module which when said makes you sound like a nob. The module was about using LFO’s, Filters, Automation and other technical modulating guffings. We also learnt how wave forms work and stuff like that, most of which i have forgotten already.

The backing basis from the song again came from Pink Floyd as i used a looped sample from ‘Shine on Your Crazy Diamond Part 8’ which i then added bass synth, lead and drums to. Worked surprisingly well to create an instrumental Hip-Hop peice…

3. Enola Gay and Little Boy

This final track is actually the score i did for my Sound and Moving Image module. The film clip i chose was from the film Bare Foot Gen, a film about a boys experience of the Hiroshima Bombing (hence the title of the peice). The clip it’self is of the bombing scene in the film and is very graphic and almost disturbing to some people. As a result the score for this scene was dark and experimental (again like the first peice i actually kinda ripped this one of from Roger Waters score of When the Wind Blows)

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