Management Team Proposal and Band Interview (College 2016)

Managing an Artist

As the new year dawns upon us, we prepare for not only 2016 but to manage an artist. The band my group will be managing is Funkzilla, a worthing based rock band with a funky edge.

Management Team

  • Joseph Bagwell – Music Business and Management
  • Jordan Meher – Live Sound
  • Ryan Heaney – Music Business and Management


  • Chris Dewey – Vocals
  • Ben Wilkinson – Electric Guitar
  • Finn Haynes – Electric Guitar
  • Luke Rippingham – Bass Guitar
  • Seth Markes – Drums/Percussion



We also had to interview our artist breifly, here is what they had to answer our few questions we could pull out of the top of our heads.

1. What Sort of music would you be creating?

We will be making rock/funk rock music

2. What do you hope to acheive by the end of this project?

We wish to record an EP consiting of five or six songs. After this we hope to play a live gig to promote our new EP and also have it released online using stores such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 etc.

3. How can we help you with that?

We will need you guys to book recording/practice rooms, find people to help produce our album and also market and promote our new EP.


Taking it one step further…

So to expand on this project i thought it would be an interesting idea if not only i act as a manager but also if i try to create my own online record label. That way i can release their EP through my label and hopefully if the project goes well then i can continue this in the future, Incidentally if you are reading this and the site is already an established netlabel then it means it worked out and this is part of the history of Hot Air Music Group.

This not only will i have a small business to hopefully make some money i can also release my own music through here instead of sending out many emails to various labels in the hope i can get my music released…

With that note, HOT AIR MUSIC!


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