FMP – Prelude Part 2

Prelude Part 2

Progress made this week

  • Discussed a 1 year term for Luke Amor’s contract
  • Obtained contact details for Luke Amor and his managers
  • Signed a manager/label agreement with both of Luke Amor’s managers
  • Organised the first Hot Air Music gig at Bar 42 on 13th April including getting all the acts, creating a facebook event and designing graphics for the gig
  • Contacted some of the listed venues in my contact database and obtained additional needed information
  • In the process of hopefully signing a second artist to the label, Red Shores


Outstanding Tasks

  • Follow up with Red Shores and their managers to find out if they would definitely be interested in signing and what terms and agreements will be made
  • Market & promote the upcoming gig at Bar 42
  • Organise for an event photographer
  • Pay artist Katie Lisa James for new record label logo
  • Create physical posters and a few flyers for the gig on the 13th April
  • Contact local music blogs and magazines in worthing to promote the event

After the second week i have found it harder to locate artists interested in working with me on this project. I was contacted by Red Shores after posting in the Music at Northbrook group saying that they would be interested and after talking with them and their current managers i feel that they are interested in working with me but agreements are still yet to be made and finalized.

I got round to organising my first “Hot Air Music Presents…” gig which will be on 13th April at Bar 42. For this i have organised a line up including Luke Amor, Altamont Speedway, Mr Hyde and myself with Funkzilla headlining. The gig is to be free entry and will hopefully give all the artists and myself as a label some exposure onto Worthing’s music scene. A poster has already been designed for the gig and a facebook event page has been created. I have also submitted the gig to Worthing Live Music in the hopes that i can get some exposure through them. I will also contact a few local music blogs and magazines in hope to get exposure through there not only for the event but also as a label.
I hope to obtain an agreement with Funkzilla as they are a good band and i also have outstanding expenses from the artist management project which i would like to recoup. If however they are not interested in signing i will have to move these expenses over to the label itself and they will be recouped through any profits.


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