FMP – Prelude Part 3

Prelude Part 3

Progress made this week

  • Printed off posters and flyers for the upcoming gig on 13th
  • Organised a second gig at the Smugglers return on 29th April
  • Distributed some of the flyers and posters around the college and also to a few local business including We Have Sound in worthing.
  • Added the event to several event promotion websites
  • Organised to meet with Leanne Cushnie to arrange her to be an event photographer for 13th

Outstanding Tasks

  • Follow up with Red Shores and their managers to find out if they would definitely be interested in signing and what terms and agreements will be made
  • Market & promote the upcoming gig at Bar 42
  • Pay artist Katie Lisa James for new record label logo
  • Get press photographs taken for myself as an artist
  • Find artists for the Smuggler Return gig on 29th
  • Create an event page, posters and flyers for the smugglers gig on 29th
  • Sign 1 more artist
  • Create a press package for Luke Amor
  • Hire a PA/Sound Engineers for the gig on the 29th

After the third initial week of preparation i have started promoting the bar 42 gig on 13th and printed posters and flyers for the event, some of which were put up around college. I gave one poster to Mark at Bar 42 to put up and also a flyer to We Have Sound, a music shop in worthing. I have to sign at least two artists still. I am planning on meeting with Red Shores at some point to discuss possibly signing them to the label. I feel as though i have not made enough progress with signing artists and need to possibly look to bands outside of college.

I have also organised a second gig for 29th April at the Smugglers Return. For this i plan to open but need to find artists to play. I have contact Stone Cold however in the hopes that they can headline the gig. I need to contact Luke Amor’s managers to discuss maybe creating a press package with them. This will help me promote Luke Amor as an artist to blogs, magazines, radio stations etc…
I feel that my main focuses for the next week will be to Get artists for the second gig, promote both the first and second gigs and also look into local bands who might be willing to work with me on this project.


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