Bar 42 Metal night 15 December 2015 (college)

With Tuesday nights gig gone, here is a reflective post…


Well the music was good but we didn’t make back the £80 that was used to pay headliners Hole in the Sky and main support Enslavement, this however is not too bad as the college has a policy of if we don’t make back near enough the money we borrow then we don’t need to pay them back. I feel that the main problem of the gig is that it was on a tuesday night when most people would be working. If it were to be held say at the weekend we might have had a better turn out and possibly would have made back the money with a nice profit for pints at the end.

Despite the loss, everyone still seemed to enjoy themselves. The bands were all very good and friendly people, definitely would hire them again for another gig…

View the Photo’s here.


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English Singer-Songwriter and Producer.

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