Sound for Moving Image (College 2013 – 2015)

Something from my years studying music technology, we had to score and do sound effects for a film clip…



Afterwards we had to talk a bit about our clip and the sounds effects we used…

Which instruments have you used to create your music soundtrack?

ESX24 – Piano, Orchestral Percussion, Analog Synth Bass

Massive – White Noise (as Wind SFX)

ESP – Synth Pad

High Hat (as Cymbal)

How does your music enhance the action in the movie?

I feel that my music helps emphasise certain moments in the video. One example is the silence at 0:57 – 1:11. This helps put emphasis on the explosion of the bomb and also creates a slightly uncomfortable atmosphere. I have also used a repeated theme at the beginning of the clip and end. The theme begins at the start of the video and continues until the bomb is deployed. At the beginning it adds a sombre and dark tone and empathetically enhances the knowledge of what is going to happen. The theme reprises at 2:35 but includes more instruments most notably the synthesizers. This again enhances the uncomfortable tone of the video. From 2:11 – 1:51 the only sound used was White noise (with the exception of the dog SFXs). I wanted to enhance the uncomfortable nature of this section and so I felt that using almost nothing created the atmosphere I wanted to. The only other sound effect in this section is for the Dog. I felt that if I had added sound effects for the humans dying it would sound to comic and take away from the dark tone of the video however I felt that adding SFX to the dog just gave this section and extra something. The next section shows various building and object being destroyed and blown all over the place. I feel that my composition compliments the mayhem and ferocity of the explosion. I used a cymbal and piano hits to emphasise some of the stuff going on in the video such as at 2:00 where the pagoda is being destroyed. I felt this put emphasis on that exact building. The repeated bass loop in this section fades out into the reprise of the opening theme and the ending of the video.

What effects or automation techniques have you used?

I have automated the filter cut off on the white noise to create a wind sound effect. Volume modulation was used to fade various instruments in such as the Analog Synth Bass and Cymbal Crash (High Hat).

I sent the SFX and some instruments to a Reverb Bus. I used the reverb to create a false atmosphere to match with the setting of the film.

How have you created your sound design for the movie? How did you record and process your sound effects, and did you use any synthesis techniques?

I recorded all the sound effects using my phone. I used several different samples that were processed to create another sound e.g. the sound of the propeller was created by recording a fan at three different speeds. I placed the phone on top of the fan and recorded an 8 bar clip, I did this for all three speed then layered them appropriately to create the final sound effect. Another example is the SFX of the debree flying around. First I recorded sound samples of various plastic cups, bottles and metal cans being crushed and crumpled up. After importing these into logic each sound file was converted into a sampler. I used delay designer to create a random delay and make it sound less processed and each of the different sound samples had different effects added to them to create contrast and to enhance to sound of debree, making it sound like various objects flying around.

How have you created your files ready for delivery?

I created the uncompressed video file by embedding the audio into the video, creating a MOV a file. I did this in Logic. I then created a Compressed version using Quicktime, this was a iPhone M4V file.

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