New Release: Nebulae Music Vol. IV: What We See

  The Fourth major release in my nebulae music series is here. The 8 tracks on Nebulae Music Vol. IV: What We See explore the more rhythmic elements of electronic music. Visit Nebulae Music Radio to hear the new album and the back catalogue, all in one place! I had a lot of fun returningContinue reading “New Release: Nebulae Music Vol. IV: What We See”

Time for some Black Coffee and Space Travel!

NEBULAE MUSIC RETURNS TO THE MANIFESTO! Yes, Nebulae Music is returning by no demand! A new volume in the series is set for a release at the end of August, with a promotional EP releasing mid august. The EP will blend the previous very ambient style with new rhythmic electronica. Visit the new Facebook page andContinue reading “Time for some Black Coffee and Space Travel!”

Broadcasting Ourselves: Updates on the Label, Upcoming Releases and Store!

Hello all, this is just a quick update post. Reminder that now we are officially “Marionette’s Manifesto” and independent record label/net label. There will be some new releases coming out in the next few months including my next solo release “Erika” which is very stripped down, singer-songwriter type stuff. “Leaden” will be hitting the studiosContinue reading “Broadcasting Ourselves: Updates on the Label, Upcoming Releases and Store!”

Kitty Kibble: New EP Release Date, New Cover, Website Changes.

First of all Merry Christmas! Changes are happening to the website in full. I have updated the domain to “” to coincide with the name change. I have changed to the name as there is a music festival in america called Hot Air Music, so it avoids copyright issues. The original domain of “” willContinue reading “Kitty Kibble: New EP Release Date, New Cover, Website Changes.”

Sound Scope | “Eternal Voyage” – Midas |

After months of anticipation, one of my favorite bands has released a new album. Midas are a symphonic rock band based in Japan who started their career in 1992 with their debut album “Beyond the Clear Air” released in 1988. Their first album is something i have talked about in an embarrassing video review onContinue reading “Sound Scope | “Eternal Voyage” – Midas |”

But Maybe i’m Ready for a new Single?

Second single from my upcoming album is here along with it’s B-Side “Lapse”, another piece from my Nebulae Music project. The album will hopefully be up in a few months on Spotify, iTunes and all the rest… Soundcloud Spotify  iTunes