The Second Station EP (HAMG010)

Second Station

released May 15, 2018

Originally to be part of a trilogy of EP’s that included the preceding Back To School EP, this EP now stands alone however musically i feel it serves as a lil’ sequel to Recluse’s Handbook (mainly with the track “And Still The Rain Falls… reprise”).

  1. The Second Station
  2. Jerome (Jim Sullivan cover)
  3. And Still The Rain Falls… (reprise)
  4. The Hill
  5. Climbing The Hill
  6. The Joker

CD Tray Inlay

as a promotion for the EP i released the final track “The Joker” in an edited down version with a small solo acoustic recording as a b-side.

Composed*, Produced and Performed by Joseph Bagwell with

James Bracey – Drums (2,6)
Gus Best – Hand Claps (6)
Callum Connah – Hand Claps, “Arriba” and Additional Percussion (6)

* Except “Jerome” composed by Jim Sullivan, arr. Joseph Bagwell


released May 6, 2018

Composed, Performed and Produced by Joseph Bagwell with

James Bracey – Drums
Callum Connah – Clapping, Additional Percussion, “Aribba”
Gus Best – artwork, clapping