Recluse’s Handbook (HAMG007)


My first venture into rock music, this album blends styles from Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues and the Beatles to create a nice concept album almost…

Two singles were released as promo’s for the album, “Weightless” and “Maybe I’m Not Ready for Love?”. Both were released with small ambient compositions attributed to my pseudonym Nebulae Music.

  1. Weather Report (Prologue) 03:56
  2. And Still The Rain Falls… 07:07
  3. Weightless 05:20
  4. Sheltered Under Trees 03:47
  5. Maybe I’m Not Ready For Love! 02:24
  6. Recluse’s Handbook 02:03
  7. Emergence of the Hobgoblin 00:58
  8. Feedback and Response 05:13
  9. Chapter IX 04:08
  10. Now I’m Sitting in a Forest (Epilogue) 02:39

released October 31, 2017

Composed, Performed and Produced by Joseph Bagwell with

James Bracey – Drums (2,3,5,8-10), co-Production
Charlie Moss – Bass Guitar (2,3,5,8), Backing Vocals (2,10)
Christelle Lamb – Backing Vocals (2,10)
Molly Bernardin – Backing Vocals (2)
Callum Connah – Keyboards (8), co-Production (8)

With Thanks to Seth Markes, Grant Laurenson and Adam Midderigh

Back Photo by Leanne Cushnie
Artwork by Phoebe Ann Lewis

Recorded and Produced at Northbrook MET and my house.


CD Tray Inlay