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Demo Policy

If you have some demos or an upcoming release you want to share that would fit in with the manifesto’s catalog please drop an email to with the subject heading “DEMO”. Tell us about yourself as an artist, what are your influences and about the release you are working on. We will try to reply to everyone we can. We are currently looking for music that falls under rock (alt, indie, art, blues, folk). Music inspired by bands such as The Moody Blues, Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Rush. Basically if you are influenced heavily by classic prog bands then consider sending music over!

Please only send either a link to your music on websites such as sound cloud, YouTube etc… or downloadable MP3 files only. We do not accept physical demos at this time or downloadable lossless files for demos. Thanks!

General Enquiries

For all other enquiries please drop an email to the above address with a descriptive subject line as to avoid emails being marked as spam.

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