“Titan” by Nebulae Music (MM007)

  1. Orbiting Titan I (Prologue)
  2. Sunrise on Titan (Titan Pt. 1)
  3. Technical Issues (Titan Pt. 2)
  4. A Day On Titan (Titan Pt. 3)
  5. Final Checks (Titan Pt. 4)
  6. Sunset on Titan (Titan Pt.5)
  7. Escape Velocity (Titan Pt. 6)
  8. Orbiting Titan II (Epilogue)
  9. [BONUS] Orbiting Titan I (Noncontinuous Mix)
  10. [BONUS] Sunrise on Titan (Noncontinuous Mix)
  11. [BONUS] Technical Issues (Noncontinuous Mix)
  12. [BONUS] A Day On Titan (Noncontinuous Mix)
  13. [BONUS] Final Checks (Noncontinuous Mix)
  14. [BONUS] Sunset on Titan (Noncontinuous Mix)
  15. [BONUS] Escape Velocity (Noncontinuous Mix)
  16. [BONUS] Orbiting Titan II (Noncontinuous Mix)
  17. [BONUS] Final Checks (Single Edit)

Composed performed and produced by Joseph Bagwell. Recorded at Northbrook College and my house between 2014 and 2020. Images and audio samples by NASA and are allowable under Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0).

Back cover photo (PIA21902: Twilight Haze) by NASA JPL. Front cover collage by Joseph bagwell, original photos (PIA06236: Titan: Complex ‘Anti-greenhouse’ and PIA08235: Candle in the Dark) by NASA Cassini Imaging Team. This album is unaffiliated with NASA and is not endorsed by NASA.

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