“Recluse’s Handbook” by Joseph Bagwell (HAMG007)

  1. Weather Report (Prologue)
  2. And Still The Rain Falls…
  3. Weightless
  4. Sheltered Under Trees
  5. Maybe I’m Not Ready For Love!
  6. Recluse’s Handbook
  7. Emergence of the Hobgoblin
  8. Feedback and Response
  9. Chapter IX
  10. Now I’m Sitting in a Forest (Epilogue)

Released 31st October 2017. Composed, Performed and Produced by Joseph Bagwell at Northbrook MET and His House. Featuring:

James Bracey (Drums on 2,3,4,8-10 / Production), Charlie Moss (Bass on 2,3,5,8 / Backing Vocals on 2,10), Christelle Lamb (Backing vocals on 2,10), Molly Bernardin (Backing Vocals on 2), Callum Connah (Keyboard on 8 / Production on 8).

Artwork by Pheobe Ann Lewis. Back cover photo by Callum Connah. Special thanks to Seth Markes, Grant Laurenson and Adam Midderigh.

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