FMP – Prelude Part 4

Prelude Part 4

Progress made this week

  • Signed Red Shores to the label
  • Released Red Shores “Live At Bar 42’s Pangalactic” through the label
  • Created wordpress and bandcamp for Red Shores
  • Began organising a new gig on 27th for Red Shores to play
  • Found a headline act for 29th and another support act

Outstanding Tasks

  • Market and promote the upcoming gigs on 29th, 27th and 13th
  • Sign 1 more artist
  • Create a press package for Luke Amor and for Red Shores
  • Hire a PA/Sound Engineers for the gig on the 29th
  • Talk to Leanne Cushnie about event photos for 13th


With the final preparation week complete i have managed to sign 2 artists to the label. The first was singer-songwriter Luke Amor. I have not made as much progress with him as i had hoped to over these past few weeks especially with creating a press package for him which has not been started. The second artist was hardcore grunge duo Red Shores who i signed on monday. We have already released a live album recorded at Bar 42’ Pangalactic which they had ready to go so i will need to market and promote that.

I am in the process of organizing two new gigs. One on the 29th which i originally wanted Stone Cold to headline. Due to their drummer being away i found another similar band called Andy and the Echoes who have agreed to headline. They have actually been very friendly as well through the process which is nice to have a good relationship with the band, from this i invited them to the gig on 13th which they said they will try and come down for. For the gig on 29th i have hired out The Smugglers Return, a pub in worthing. I am in the process of getting an engineer and PA for the event which i will need to borrow from the college. The second event i began organizing is on 27th at Bar 42. This gig will feature Red Shores as they are quite different from the music Luke and I create it is best to find them their own separate shows. So far i have two other bands agreeing to play at the gig but i have had a hard time finding a headline which i will need to focus on.

My main tasks for next week is to create press packs for Red Shores and Luke Amor which i can send out to radio stations, music blog and local magazines and hopefully start generating some buzz.