FMP – Prelude Part 1


Prelude Part 1


Progress made this week

  • Signed my first artist, Luke Amor, on 16th
  • Setup Bandcamp and WordPress for Luke Amor
  • Setup a Facebook page for Hot Air Music Group and started inviting and sharing to friends
  • Created an expenses spreadsheet detailing all expenses spent on Funkzilla within the Artist Management project
  • Created a small directory of Venues around Worthing and Brighton


Outstanding Tasks

  • Forgot to discuss a term for Luke Amor’s contract
  • Get contact details for Luke Amor and his Manager
  • Continue marketing and promoting the facebook page and wordpress
  • Start planning a gig for all the artists you will sign
  • Sign at least 2 more artists to the label
  • Contact some of the listed venues in the directory to find out capacity, hire cost, curfew, age restrictions if any and also if there will be dates free in June

I feel that this first week i have gotten to a decent start by already signing one of the artists, Luke Amor. I did however forget to agree a term for the record contract with him and feel i should have checked through the whole contract before finalising our meeting. I will catch up with him and his manager next week in order to agree upon a term and also obtain contact information for him and his manager.

I have also created a spreadsheet detailing expenses spent on Funkzilla during the management project so i know how much money i will need to recoup if i sign them to the label. I will create one of these every month for each artist so i know how much money i am spending and know how much i need to recoup.

Other things i feel i should look into is merchandise such as t-shirts or other apperal. These would be good to help make a bit more money for the artists and myself as a label and would be good to sell at the final gig and also any other gigs that occur during this project. I also need to research into promoters, aggregators, music blogs/magazines and other industry related areas which will help me market and promote my artists and the label.
One task i feel i could have done better relating to the expenses spreadsheet is some of the expenses i am missing some details on such as the cd printing i could not remember the date the transaction occurred or for the TDK blank printable CD’s i could not find out the price of 50 cds and could only find the price i spent on 100, although i am presuming that this would be half of what i spent.