FMP – Prelude Part 4

Prelude Part 4 Progress made this week Signed Red Shores to the label Released Red Shores “Live At Bar 42’s Pangalactic” through the label Created wordpress and bandcamp for Red Shores Began organising a new gig on 27th for Red Shores to play Found a headline act for 29th and another support act Outstanding TasksContinue reading “FMP – Prelude Part 4”

FMP – Prelude Part 3

Prelude Part 3 Progress made this week Printed off posters and flyers for the upcoming gig on 13th Organised a second gig at the Smugglers return on 29th April Distributed some of the flyers and posters around the college and also to a few local business including We Have Sound in worthing. Added the eventContinue reading “FMP – Prelude Part 3”

FMP – Prelude Part 2

Prelude Part 2 Progress made this week Discussed a 1 year term for Luke Amor’s contract Obtained contact details for Luke Amor and his managers Signed a manager/label agreement with both of Luke Amor’s managers Organised the first Hot Air Music gig at Bar 42 on 13th April including getting all the acts, creating aContinue reading “FMP – Prelude Part 2”

FMP – Prelude Part 1

  Prelude Part 1   Progress made this week Signed my first artist, Luke Amor, on 16th Setup Bandcamp and WordPress for Luke Amor Setup a Facebook page for Hot Air Music Group and started inviting and sharing to friends Created an expenses spreadsheet detailing all expenses spent on Funkzilla within the Artist Management project CreatedContinue reading “FMP – Prelude Part 1”