FMP | Week 2 | 18th April – 24th April

Progress made this week

  • Fully organised the gigs for wednesday and friday
  • Began planning a final big charity gig
  • Began planning a metal gig at Bar 42 on 18th
  • Began planning a gig at Ye Olde House at Home in worthing
  • Designed poster for 18th May
  • Promoted the upcoming gigs on wednesday and friday

Outstanding Tasks

  • Fully organise the gigs on 18th may and also begin organising one more gig in May
  • Promote and market upcoming gigs
  • Research into venues for the final big charity gig
  • Get bands for the final big charity gig
  • Market and promote gig on the 18th
  • Catch up with artists to see how they are getting along with their material
  • Create press packs for Red Shores and Luke Amor
  • Sort out pa for friday

Always wear earplugs when practicing doom metal!!! I sit with my ear ringing after practicing with Caleb Morganfield and Harrison Mortely for out set on wednesday. I have finally come up with a good plan for my final gig. For a while i have been wanting to do a charity gig at some point in this project but have not found the time to put one one. I decided that it’d be a better idea to have the last big gig as my charity gig, two evenings of rock and metal music! I can charge something like £3 on door at each evening and sell £5 two evening passes online to people who want a slight discount on both nights. I already have a few bands up for playing but i need to find a good venue to host the gig, this is one of the main tasks i will focus on this week.

With the gigs on wednesday and friday approaching i also need to promote these as much as i can. As the venue for Friday does not have a PA i will need to talk with the technicians and give them a pa list for us to borrow for the event.    
I need to catch up with the bands to see how they are getting on with their material. I know Luke Amor has almost gotten a full Ep ready to go so marketing and promoting him will be my priority as Red Shores are not in the position to record at this time.