FMP | Week 01 | 11th April – 17th April

Progress made this week

  • Evaluated the gig from Wednesday
  • Organised the gigs for 29th and 27th including printed posters, flyers and created event pages
  • Followed up with Katie Lisa James about label logo
  • Met with Nielsen Reaveley about him possibly signing to the label
  • Updated the wordpress websites

Outstanding Tasks

  • Promote the upcoming gigs on 27th and 29th
  • Follow up with Nielsen Reaveley about possibly signing to the label
  • Plan out 3 gigs for May
  • Discuss EP/Album possibilities with all the artists
  • Research into van hire for 29th
  • Get a full list of PA equipment needed for 29th
  • Research more venues around Brighton and Worthing

As the first week draws to a close on my FMP i sit writing this entry with a cup of tea from my Pink Floyd mug whilst listening to Pink Floyd. I have managed to catch up with Katie Lisa James about the logo i was getting her to design, she has been ill throughout most of Easter and so has not had a chance to get round to designing it which is understandable.


A few days ago i had an email from a student on the music technology course called Nielsen Reaveley  who sent me some of his songs from soundcloud, he was interested in possibly working with me on my label. I had a meeting with him and he has taken away both the manager/artist agreement and record contract to give them a good read and some time for him to debate whether he wishes to sign. Hopefully he will as the songs he had uploaded to soundcloud sounded really good and i hope to be working with him soon.


I also had my first gig this week. This went quite well although we had a few issues. One of which was i had forgotten to discuss back line and tech specs with the band so on the day of the gig none of the guitarists had amp heads for the cabs. This however was not an issue as Bar 42 had a couple of combo guitar amplifiers which worked nicely. We had a decent turn out for a Wednesday evening however i feel that we could have had a better one if i had promoted the gig more and also put Bar 42’s address on the posters/flyers. Despite these issues the gig went quite well.

I still have two more gigs this month. The first is on 27th at Bar 42. For this i remembered to discuss back line and tech specs with the bands however still forgot the address of Bar 42. Hopefully this won’t be too big an issue. The second gig is on 29th at The Smugglers Return. For this i will need to borrow a PA from the college and either find someone with a van who can transport the pa for me or hire a van which one of the sound technicians who will be working at the gig will be driving.

I intend to research this week into more venues around Brighton and Worthing which might be good for the gigs i want to put on and also plan out three more gigs for next month including a charity gig of some sorts. I also need to discuss with my current artists about ep/album material and see how things will be going between them and myself.

My other big task this week is to research into more music blogs, magazines and radio stations who would be interested in some of my current artists and also creating press packages.
Hopefully next week will be more productive!