Listed below are all the projects i have either fronted or been part of, past and present.

Project NameStatusAdditional Info
Joseph BagwellOngoingMain Music Catalog, mainly rock and folk music.
Nebulae MusicOngoingElectronic music solo project, mainly ambient electronica.
Phantom of EdenDissolvedDoom Rock band formed back in college, disbanded after a few months.
LeadenDissolvedPost Grunge Alt Rock band formed in 2019, disbanded 2020.
Saturn’s 3rd SonOngoingDoom Metal/Stoner Rock band formed in 2020.
Doctor Who Series 11: ReduxOngoingFan made audio series fronted by Youtuber B-Where.

Note: “Ongoing” projects are currently still active, “Dissolved” projects are projects that either failed or were abandoned, “Completed” are projects that have ended.