Nebulae Music Vol. 1 (hamg-002)

Nebulae Music Vol 1 - Front Cover

Joseph Bagwell · Nebulae Music Vol 1 (2015) – Full Album (FREE DOWNLOAD)HAMG-002

an album of drone ambient electronica music first released on Zenapolae under the name Nebulae Music (the alias for all my mainly drone ambient music)

  1. Cosmic Jungle
  2. Sunrise on Titan
  3. Lost in Time (Lost/Lullaby of the Outer Limits)
  4. Home
  5. Dronescape #1
  6. Gateway to the Mind
  7. Sunset on Titan
  8. Dronescape #2
  9. Neutron Star

Recorded between October 2014 – January 2015 at Northbrook College and My House
Composed and Performed by Joseph Bagwell (Nebulae Music)

Joseph Bagwell – Software Synthesis, midi/audio sequencing, micro KORG, Vocal FX, Production, Artwork

Nebulae Music Vol 1 - Tray Inlay

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