The Second Station EP (hamg-010)

Second Station

released May 15, 2018

Originally to be part of a trilogy of EP’s that included the preceding Back To School EP, this EP now stands alone however musically i feel it serves as a lil’ sequel to Recluse’s Handbook (mainly with the track “And Still The Rain Falls… reprise”).

as a promotion for the EP i released the final track “The Joker” in an edited down version with a small solo acoustic recording as a b-side.

Composed*, Produced and Performed by Joseph Bagwell with

James Bracey – Drums (2,6)
Gus Best – Hand Claps (6)
Callum Connah – Hand Claps, “Arriba” and Additional Percussion (6)

* Except “Jerome” composed by Jim Sullivan, arr. Joseph Bagwell


released May 6, 2018

Composed, Performed and Produced by Joseph Bagwell with

James Bracey – Drums
Callum Connah – Clapping, Additional Percussion, “Aribba”
Gus Best – artwork, clapping

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