Joseph Bagwell

banner 2019 feb
Pictured (left to right): Joseph Bagwell, James Bracey (Drums), Lubi Blacksmith (Rhythm Guitar), Grant Laurenson (Bass Guitar). This photo was taken at a rehearsal for a gig, myself along with this line up of backing musicians would go on to record the song “Pushing Up Daisies” which acted as the debut single for “Leaden”, a band i formed with James and Lubi and also Harrison Mortley who i had worked with in Phantom of Eden

I began my musical journey in 2013 when i started attending college at Northbrook (now Northbrook MET) in Worthing. My first album “Summit” merely being a compilation of some basic drone ambient tracks i had produced. Since then i have darted back and forth between electronic and rock music with various albums and EP’s.

My latest release Cat Food EP is a compilation of songs that have been remixed and remastered.






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