Erika EP (MM003)

erika EP

Tracks 1,3,5,7 and 8 are from the “Live From His Bedroom” video as seen on youtube. Track 2,6,9,11 and 12 are outtakes from an EP i scrapped a couple of years ago. Track 4 is a stripped down version of a song i have been working on recently.

  1. If i Could Fly (Live “From His Bedroom”)
  2. The Other Half of The Eclipse
  3. Quarter Life Crisis (Live “From His Bedroom”)
  4. Hollow Words
  5. Black Coffee (Live “From His Bedroom”)
  6. Voices in the Mist
  7. Chinese Whispers (Live “From His Bedroom”)
  8. Three Elves (Live “From His Bedroom”)

written, performed and produced by Joseph Bagwell.

Black Coffee / Hollow Words (mm-003a)

The two preceding singles for the EP both released two weeks prior on 31st July 2019.

Black Coffee ART

  1. Black Coffee (Live “From His Bedroom”)
  2. Hollow Words