Doctor Who Series 11: Redux

A fan made audio drama series fronted by Youtuber B-WHERE.

In mid 2020 i joined a team to re-write and create a new series 11 of the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who. Many fans of the long running show have been disappointed by series 11 and 12 of the show, some of us have come together to completely retcon the last two seasons of the TV show with our own adaption complete with a brand new 13th doctor. Naturally i am part of the sound department.

Listen to the series on youtube.

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Slowly Robbie Dozier (lead composer) will be remixing and releasing the OST for each episode onto B-Where’s Youtube channel and also onto his Spotify, you can find these below. All the music is not monetized and we encourage you to use the music in your own videos and projects, although please don’t forget to credit myself and Robbie correctly.