Time for some Black Coffee and Space Travel!


Yes, Nebulae Music is returning by no demand! A new volume in the series is set for a release at the end of August, with a promotional EP releasing mid august. The EP will blend the previous very ambient style with new rhythmic electronica.

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Visit the new Facebook page and website for more, including “Nebulae Music Radio“, a playlist containing all Nebulae Music releases.


The preceding single for my upcoming album “Erika” is now available on bandcamp. The two songs “Black Coffee” and “Hollow Words” are both songs from the album, which is set for a release on 14th August.

Black Coffee ART

Please stay tuned to our Facebook Page or to the website for more news and upcoming music – Joe


Broadcasting Ourselves: Updates on the Label, Upcoming Releases and Store!

Hello all, this is just a quick update post.

Reminder that now we are officially “Marionette’s Manifesto” and independent record label/net label. There will be some new releases coming out in the next few months including my next solo release “Erika” which is very stripped down, singer-songwriter type stuff. “Leaden” will be hitting the studios soon to begin recording their debut album and a phantom from the past may be getting resurrected…

There has been updated to the youtube channel and all current releases (albums/EPs) from the label will be available to listen to in full on the channel (see playlist above). If you haven’t already seen it i released a small live video (below) of me recording some of my upcoming album “Erika”.

I have been working on a new album in my downtime and this one is a lot simpler than my other works. “Erika”, named after my first guitar, will be a singer-songwriter acoustic folk project where the songs will be just my guitar and voice (though some songs i have done some overdubs on) the most simplest and stripped down being the songs recorded in conjunction with “Live From His Bedroom” (see above video). I will also be including 4 bonus tracks which are demos of pieces from an EP i scrapped a couple of years back.


The Store itself has had an upgrade now with everything on one page in order of newest to oldest release, newest being the debut single “Pushing Up Daisies” from “Leaden“.


Thanks for all the support so far, stay tuned!

Joe    🙂

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