Bassically – a Spotify Playlist

Here is a cool playlist of songs i put together featuring bassists and bass lines that are just awesome. Some of the song ideas came from the youtube channel Scott’s Bass Lessons with his videos “The Bass 1935-1969” and “The Bass 1970-1979” (seen below).

Both videos are a great watch for bass players or just people with an interest in bass



Predominantly i play guitar, however i picked up a bass because of one bassist, The legendary Chris Squire from Yes. His tight and almost lead guitar style bass playing really inspired me to try my hand properly at the Guitars big brother.

I think if i had to pick my five favorite bass players it would be (in no order)

  1. Chris Squire (obviously)
  2. Greg Lake (mainly for his work with Emerson Lake and Palmer)
  3. Geezer Butler (love a bit of Black Sabbath)
  4. Geddy Lee
  5. and Paul McCartney (cliche i know… shut up)

Who are your favorite bassists?

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