Operation Kino @ Bar 42

Last nights gig was awesome! All the bands were really great and also very friendly, definitely people who i would work with again and hopefully will soon. The only real problems we encountered were band members from Operation Kino and Technicolour Limabean being stuck in traffic and so sound checks had to be delayed slightly. This unfortunately cannot be helped and is no one’s fault. Despite that hiccup we got round it quickly and easily especially Mike Baker, Bar 42’s sound tech, who has probably had similar situations many times before.

The turnout was quite good for a wednesday evening as well, i think it was even better than the gig on 16th was. Hopefully i will be hearing back soon from Technicolour Limabean and Operation Kino about playing a gig on 18th may at Bar 42 in support of the absolutely brilliant Dreamwaves!

Lineup –


Photos taken by Leanne Cushnie


FMP | Week 2 | 18th April – 24th April

Progress made this week

  • Fully organised the gigs for wednesday and friday
  • Began planning a final big charity gig
  • Began planning a metal gig at Bar 42 on 18th
  • Began planning a gig at Ye Olde House at Home in worthing
  • Designed poster for 18th May
  • Promoted the upcoming gigs on wednesday and friday

Outstanding Tasks

  • Fully organise the gigs on 18th may and also begin organising one more gig in May
  • Promote and market upcoming gigs
  • Research into venues for the final big charity gig
  • Get bands for the final big charity gig
  • Market and promote gig on the 18th
  • Catch up with artists to see how they are getting along with their material
  • Create press packs for Red Shores and Luke Amor
  • Sort out pa for friday

Always wear earplugs when practicing doom metal!!! I sit with my ear ringing after practicing with Caleb Morganfield and Harrison Mortely for out set on wednesday. I have finally come up with a good plan for my final gig. For a while i have been wanting to do a charity gig at some point in this project but have not found the time to put one one. I decided that it’d be a better idea to have the last big gig as my charity gig, two evenings of rock and metal music! I can charge something like £3 on door at each evening and sell £5 two evening passes online to people who want a slight discount on both nights. I already have a few bands up for playing but i need to find a good venue to host the gig, this is one of the main tasks i will focus on this week.

With the gigs on wednesday and friday approaching i also need to promote these as much as i can. As the venue for Friday does not have a PA i will need to talk with the technicians and give them a pa list for us to borrow for the event.    
I need to catch up with the bands to see how they are getting on with their material. I know Luke Amor has almost gotten a full Ep ready to go so marketing and promoting him will be my priority as Red Shores are not in the position to record at this time.


Protest Songs

Protest songs have been around for years, they allow artists to express their disapointment and disgust at political or social matters such as War, Sexism, Greed, Corruption etc… Here are some protest Songs with short paragraphs to talk about them… 

“Not Now John – Pink Floyd”

Not Now John is a protest song dealing with War (mainly the Falklands War that went on between April and June 1982 which was a ten week war between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falklands island which were British territory. The song also criticizes England’s then prime minister Margaret Thatcher and the general greed and corruption in society seen by the song’s writer Roger Waters.

“Behind the Wall – Tracey Chapman”

Behind the Wall is a song from Tracey Chapman’s self titled debut album in 1988. The short a capella song looks into the prejudice of the Police and Law during the time and how they say they cannot get involved in domestic matter. The actual song is from the point of view of a neighbour to a woman who suffered domestic abuse from her husband and that when called the police say they cannot do anything about the matter. The last verse of the song we find out that the women unfortunately is killed by her husband. The song has a strong message for how this woman could have survived if the police were allowed to get involved, something which luckily has changed with today’s society.

Research by Joseph Bagwell

Mathematics – Mos Def

Rap – like physics – is fundamentally a mathematical disciplineYasiin’s masterful jaunt into numerology rests mainly on analysis of sociological statistics. The concepts of mathematics has to do with The Supreme Mathematics of the Five Percent Nation (aka Nation of Gods and Earths. Talib Kweli (Blackstar with Mos) along with many other NY rappers is Five Percenters. Yasiin is a traditional Muslim, and not from Nation of Gods and Earths. In Old School hip-hop, calculated planning is called “math”, knowledge is called “science”, and good rhymes are “English”. Back then, quite a few rappers were college educated, and school metaphors were common, as were school/classroom scenes in rap videos. Mos Def takes the metaphor and runs with a literalist interpretation, just to be fly.

“No. 99 – Joey Bada$$”

The meaning behind this song is anti Police/government and about their corruption. How they hide the truth from people and how racism affects people and how higher ups treat African Americans like cops. This song is Joey fighting back against the government. This is a reference to a line from 2Pac’s “I Get Around” “I’m just another black man caught up in the mix”. Even though Joey is famous, he is still a normal black kid. Because of that, a cop can still be racist towards him, and treat him poorly. The people are the No. 99 (%), the police/swine represent the other 1%. The police should represent the people but sadly nowadays the opposite is true, they are used as a tool for the top 1% to maintain the status quo, control and power. Joey says to never trust them! This is the reason for the name of the song.

Research by Ryan Heaney

“Heroes of War – Rise Against

Was made in 2008 from the album Appeal to Reason – The song starts of with a sort of army recruitment trying to persuade a man to join the army presuming around the minimum age of enrolment to the army as it seems aimed at a younger person. The song also depicts how destructive war is after claiming the boy ‘can see the world’. He doesn’t explain how war really is which he learns all too well quite quickly. The chorus really focuses on how patriotic people are before joining the army; and even during but then they really see what it is like from a first hand experience and see it’s completely different to what they expect. The second verse is a whole lot more harrowing than the first, this in my opinion is when you can say the song gets real from glorifying the military to something quite disgusting and what you wouldn’t be proud speaking about. It also really shows how some young men can feel forced into doing horrible acts of violence when their friends encourage them to, to actually feel apart of the group. This is really shown in the lyric “I told them to stop, but then I joined in” This shows that the ‘boy’ had a conscience but the things he took part in and was told were okay have completely changed his outlook on not only people but life as well: you could say he was brainwashed into doing these awful acts.

“Ill Mind – Hopsin 7”

Ill mind Hopsin is a series that focuses on the Artist Hopsin and how he thinks, these are normally quite controversial topics for example ill mind 7 being about how he hates “The Rap Game” And how it was kind of gone back rather than progressing forward. In ill mind 7 (IM7) Hopsin talks about his fights and struggles with his religious and primarily the concept of God and Christianity. The whole song is a progression of his thoughts and is perfectly executed from the idea of his faith to how he feels now and honestly it’s kind of a harrowing song that is just non-stop pure feels.

He talks primarily in the beginning about how people called him a sell out as he seemed to change faith quite quickly but honestly like he explains in the song he doesn’t know if there is or isn’t a god and it’s quite a heavy subject to talk about and to give one defind opinion can be quite difficult. He also points out that there are many different religions that people try to get you to follow but how can you tell theirs is the “true” religion, there’s no current proof. He also claims “I won’t read that book cause a human wrote it” showing he needs some kind of actual proof of a god for him to feel content.

Research by Connor Lumsden

“Whitey on the Moon – Gil Scott Heron”

The lyrics of this song are talking about one man’s opinion of how the American government had spent big sums of money on space travel and getting Neil Armstrong on the moon. He felt this was unfair and not right when people were suffering and there was inequality between people, the black and white.   It’s about how black people were giving everything to white people and how white people had everything, luxury items, nice houses, good food, nice cars, good education and jobs. The black people were left struggling.

“Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday”

Billie Holiday was a black singer entertaining white people. She was very popular and well liked with her audiences. The lyrics to the song “Strange Fruit,” was about a haunting critique of lynching and race terrorism in the American South. The lyrics of the song were to make people more aware what was happening to the American people.  This song helps to make changes and started the Civil Rights movement.

Research by Jordan Mehr

“Remember His Name – Jurassic 5”

The song Remember His Name by Jurassic 5 speaks on the high rate of death in the projects, especially drug related death. The lyrics are very cleverly written, using death as a metaphor for someone they do not know, all through the song they are describing death as someone you’d hang out with, suggesting that ‘the fellas he ran with no longer exist’ meaning that the people who were flirting with danger in the projects were all dead. Later on in the song they continue the metaphor with lines like ‘every time he came around and showed his face I ducked, in the mid eighties the nigga went crazy’ implying that death was running wild in the projects during the time.

Overall I chose this song because I think that the clever songwriting touches on a very serious matter, but it is sometimes hard to distinguish that they are talking about death, so it can surprise the listener at the end of the song when the final line reveals the metaphor ‘oh, hey, you know what, now I know who homie is man, his name is death’

“Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys”

The song is an attack on a stereotypical, moralizing, privileged American college student. Its lyrics offer a satirical view of young, well-to-do and self-righteous Americans, contrasting such a lifestyle with the brutal dictatorship of the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot (depicted on the original single’s label and mentioned in the lyrics), which is estimated to have been responsible for the deaths of some two million people in Cambodia 1975 and 1979.

I chose this song because it is not an attack at leaders or governments, but at a country’s specific class/type of people, suggesting that they are incredibly insensitive, it also have some comedic value to it.

Research by Tyler Frost


FMP | Week 01 | 11th April – 17th April

Progress made this week

  • Evaluated the gig from Wednesday
  • Organised the gigs for 29th and 27th including printed posters, flyers and created event pages
  • Followed up with Katie Lisa James about label logo
  • Met with Nielsen Reaveley about him possibly signing to the label
  • Updated the wordpress websites

Outstanding Tasks

  • Promote the upcoming gigs on 27th and 29th
  • Follow up with Nielsen Reaveley about possibly signing to the label
  • Plan out 3 gigs for May
  • Discuss EP/Album possibilities with all the artists
  • Research into van hire for 29th
  • Get a full list of PA equipment needed for 29th
  • Research more venues around Brighton and Worthing

As the first week draws to a close on my FMP i sit writing this entry with a cup of tea from my Pink Floyd mug whilst listening to Pink Floyd. I have managed to catch up with Katie Lisa James about the logo i was getting her to design, she has been ill throughout most of Easter and so has not had a chance to get round to designing it which is understandable.


A few days ago i had an email from a student on the music technology course called Nielsen Reaveley  who sent me some of his songs from soundcloud, he was interested in possibly working with me on my label. I had a meeting with him and he has taken away both the manager/artist agreement and record contract to give them a good read and some time for him to debate whether he wishes to sign. Hopefully he will as the songs he had uploaded to soundcloud sounded really good and i hope to be working with him soon.


I also had my first gig this week. This went quite well although we had a few issues. One of which was i had forgotten to discuss back line and tech specs with the band so on the day of the gig none of the guitarists had amp heads for the cabs. This however was not an issue as Bar 42 had a couple of combo guitar amplifiers which worked nicely. We had a decent turn out for a Wednesday evening however i feel that we could have had a better one if i had promoted the gig more and also put Bar 42’s address on the posters/flyers. Despite these issues the gig went quite well.

I still have two more gigs this month. The first is on 27th at Bar 42. For this i remembered to discuss back line and tech specs with the bands however still forgot the address of Bar 42. Hopefully this won’t be too big an issue. The second gig is on 29th at The Smugglers Return. For this i will need to borrow a PA from the college and either find someone with a van who can transport the pa for me or hire a van which one of the sound technicians who will be working at the gig will be driving.

I intend to research this week into more venues around Brighton and Worthing which might be good for the gigs i want to put on and also plan out three more gigs for next month including a charity gig of some sorts. I also need to discuss with my current artists about ep/album material and see how things will be going between them and myself.

My other big task this week is to research into more music blogs, magazines and radio stations who would be interested in some of my current artists and also creating press packages.
Hopefully next week will be more productive!


Funkzilla @ 42

With the passing of this first gig i feel it went well. We had a decent enough crowd and all the bands sets were really good. There were a few problems though.

One problem i had encountered was i forgot to discuss with the bands about amp heads however we were able to find two combo guitar amps in the back which were used as heads in the end so that problem was solved.

Another problem i feel i had was i forgot to write the address or venue name on the poster and so people who wouldn’t recognize the Bar 42 logo would not know where the gig was. Despite this we still had a good enough crowd and sound checks got done in the time given.
Overall i feel for the first event i have organised it went quite well however for the next gig i need to market more and also make sure the poster has Bar 42’s address.

Lineup –


Photos Taken by Leanne Cushnie:



FMP – Prelude Part 4

Prelude Part 4

Progress made this week

  • Signed Red Shores to the label
  • Released Red Shores “Live At Bar 42’s Pangalactic” through the label
  • Created wordpress and bandcamp for Red Shores
  • Began organising a new gig on 27th for Red Shores to play
  • Found a headline act for 29th and another support act

Outstanding Tasks

  • Market and promote the upcoming gigs on 29th, 27th and 13th
  • Sign 1 more artist
  • Create a press package for Luke Amor and for Red Shores
  • Hire a PA/Sound Engineers for the gig on the 29th
  • Talk to Leanne Cushnie about event photos for 13th


With the final preparation week complete i have managed to sign 2 artists to the label. The first was singer-songwriter Luke Amor. I have not made as much progress with him as i had hoped to over these past few weeks especially with creating a press package for him which has not been started. The second artist was hardcore grunge duo Red Shores who i signed on monday. We have already released a live album recorded at Bar 42’ Pangalactic which they had ready to go so i will need to market and promote that.

I am in the process of organizing two new gigs. One on the 29th which i originally wanted Stone Cold to headline. Due to their drummer being away i found another similar band called Andy and the Echoes who have agreed to headline. They have actually been very friendly as well through the process which is nice to have a good relationship with the band, from this i invited them to the gig on 13th which they said they will try and come down for. For the gig on 29th i have hired out The Smugglers Return, a pub in worthing. I am in the process of getting an engineer and PA for the event which i will need to borrow from the college. The second event i began organizing is on 27th at Bar 42. This gig will feature Red Shores as they are quite different from the music Luke and I create it is best to find them their own separate shows. So far i have two other bands agreeing to play at the gig but i have had a hard time finding a headline which i will need to focus on.

My main tasks for next week is to create press packs for Red Shores and Luke Amor which i can send out to radio stations, music blog and local magazines and hopefully start generating some buzz.


FMP – Prelude Part 3

Prelude Part 3

Progress made this week

  • Printed off posters and flyers for the upcoming gig on 13th
  • Organised a second gig at the Smugglers return on 29th April
  • Distributed some of the flyers and posters around the college and also to a few local business including We Have Sound in worthing.
  • Added the event to several event promotion websites
  • Organised to meet with Leanne Cushnie to arrange her to be an event photographer for 13th

Outstanding Tasks

  • Follow up with Red Shores and their managers to find out if they would definitely be interested in signing and what terms and agreements will be made
  • Market & promote the upcoming gig at Bar 42
  • Pay artist Katie Lisa James for new record label logo
  • Get press photographs taken for myself as an artist
  • Find artists for the Smuggler Return gig on 29th
  • Create an event page, posters and flyers for the smugglers gig on 29th
  • Sign 1 more artist
  • Create a press package for Luke Amor
  • Hire a PA/Sound Engineers for the gig on the 29th

After the third initial week of preparation i have started promoting the bar 42 gig on 13th and printed posters and flyers for the event, some of which were put up around college. I gave one poster to Mark at Bar 42 to put up and also a flyer to We Have Sound, a music shop in worthing. I have to sign at least two artists still. I am planning on meeting with Red Shores at some point to discuss possibly signing them to the label. I feel as though i have not made enough progress with signing artists and need to possibly look to bands outside of college.

I have also organised a second gig for 29th April at the Smugglers Return. For this i plan to open but need to find artists to play. I have contact Stone Cold however in the hopes that they can headline the gig. I need to contact Luke Amor’s managers to discuss maybe creating a press package with them. This will help me promote Luke Amor as an artist to blogs, magazines, radio stations etc…
I feel that my main focuses for the next week will be to Get artists for the second gig, promote both the first and second gigs and also look into local bands who might be willing to work with me on this project.


FMP – Prelude Part 2

Prelude Part 2

Progress made this week

  • Discussed a 1 year term for Luke Amor’s contract
  • Obtained contact details for Luke Amor and his managers
  • Signed a manager/label agreement with both of Luke Amor’s managers
  • Organised the first Hot Air Music gig at Bar 42 on 13th April including getting all the acts, creating a facebook event and designing graphics for the gig
  • Contacted some of the listed venues in my contact database and obtained additional needed information
  • In the process of hopefully signing a second artist to the label, Red Shores


Outstanding Tasks

  • Follow up with Red Shores and their managers to find out if they would definitely be interested in signing and what terms and agreements will be made
  • Market & promote the upcoming gig at Bar 42
  • Organise for an event photographer
  • Pay artist Katie Lisa James for new record label logo
  • Create physical posters and a few flyers for the gig on the 13th April
  • Contact local music blogs and magazines in worthing to promote the event

After the second week i have found it harder to locate artists interested in working with me on this project. I was contacted by Red Shores after posting in the Music at Northbrook group saying that they would be interested and after talking with them and their current managers i feel that they are interested in working with me but agreements are still yet to be made and finalized.

I got round to organising my first “Hot Air Music Presents…” gig which will be on 13th April at Bar 42. For this i have organised a line up including Luke Amor, Altamont Speedway, Mr Hyde and myself with Funkzilla headlining. The gig is to be free entry and will hopefully give all the artists and myself as a label some exposure onto Worthing’s music scene. A poster has already been designed for the gig and a facebook event page has been created. I have also submitted the gig to Worthing Live Music in the hopes that i can get some exposure through them. I will also contact a few local music blogs and magazines in hope to get exposure through there not only for the event but also as a label.
I hope to obtain an agreement with Funkzilla as they are a good band and i also have outstanding expenses from the artist management project which i would like to recoup. If however they are not interested in signing i will have to move these expenses over to the label itself and they will be recouped through any profits.


FMP – Prelude Part 1


Prelude Part 1


Progress made this week

  • Signed my first artist, Luke Amor, on 16th
  • Setup Bandcamp and WordPress for Luke Amor
  • Setup a Facebook page for Hot Air Music Group and started inviting and sharing to friends
  • Created an expenses spreadsheet detailing all expenses spent on Funkzilla within the Artist Management project
  • Created a small directory of Venues around Worthing and Brighton


Outstanding Tasks

  • Forgot to discuss a term for Luke Amor’s contract
  • Get contact details for Luke Amor and his Manager
  • Continue marketing and promoting the facebook page and wordpress
  • Start planning a gig for all the artists you will sign
  • Sign at least 2 more artists to the label
  • Contact some of the listed venues in the directory to find out capacity, hire cost, curfew, age restrictions if any and also if there will be dates free in June

I feel that this first week i have gotten to a decent start by already signing one of the artists, Luke Amor. I did however forget to agree a term for the record contract with him and feel i should have checked through the whole contract before finalising our meeting. I will catch up with him and his manager next week in order to agree upon a term and also obtain contact information for him and his manager.

I have also created a spreadsheet detailing expenses spent on Funkzilla during the management project so i know how much money i will need to recoup if i sign them to the label. I will create one of these every month for each artist so i know how much money i am spending and know how much i need to recoup.

Other things i feel i should look into is merchandise such as t-shirts or other apperal. These would be good to help make a bit more money for the artists and myself as a label and would be good to sell at the final gig and also any other gigs that occur during this project. I also need to research into promoters, aggregators, music blogs/magazines and other industry related areas which will help me market and promote my artists and the label.
One task i feel i could have done better relating to the expenses spreadsheet is some of the expenses i am missing some details on such as the cd printing i could not remember the date the transaction occurred or for the TDK blank printable CD’s i could not find out the price of 50 cds and could only find the price i spent on 100, although i am presuming that this would be half of what i spent.


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